Color Support

At minimum, 16 colors are supported on all TMBASIC platforms.
│     │Light│Light│Light │Light│Light│Light│Light  │
│White│Gray │Red  │Yellow│Green│Cyan │Blue │Magenta│
│     │Dark │Dark │Dark  │Dark │Dark │Dark │Dark   │
│Black│Gray │Red  │Yellow│Green│Cyan │Blue │Magenta│
In most cases, it is possible to display more colors.


Microsoft added 24-bit "true color" support to Windows 10's built-in console in 2017. TMBASIC will automatically recognize the true color support. If you see only 16 colors, update to the latest Windows 10 version using Windows Update.
Additionally, Microsoft's new Windows Terminal app for Windows 10 supports true color.
On versions of Windows prior to Windows 10, only 16 colors are available.

macOS and Linux

On macOS, the built-in Terminal app supports 256 colors. The iTerm2 app supports 24-bit "true color."
On Linux, capabilities vary between terminal emulator programs, but up-to-date versions of most major terminals support true color.
If you are not seeing the expected colors, try running one of the following commands before starting tmbasic: