PathExtension Procedure

Gets the file extension (like .txt) from a path. This is the part of the filename starting at the final dot. Use PathFileNameWithoutExtension to return the rest of the filename before the final dot.
If there are multiple dots in the filename, only the last one is considered. For instance, PathExtension("test.tar.gz") returns ".gz".
This is done by manipulating the path string. No disk access is performed and the path does not need to actually exist.
function PathExtension(path as String) as String


Return value

String — Extension, including the dot. If the filename does not contain a dot, then an empty string is returned.


' this result depends on your operating system
print "("; PathExtension("C:\Users\user\Documents\myfile.txt"); ")"
print "("; PathExtension("filename_without_extension"); ")"