select case Statement

select case is a code flow mechanism that allows you to choose one of several different code paths based on the value of a variable or expression.
A common use case is handling menu options. The user enters a menu option, and the program executes the requested section of code. A select case can be used to choose the correct code path based on the input.


select case <INPUT>
case <VALUE>
case <VALUE>, <VALUE>, ...
case <VALUE> to <VALUE>
case else
end select
If a case else block is provided, then it will be executed if no other case matches.


This example shows the flexibility of specifying case values.
for i = -1 to 6
select case i
case -1 to 1, 4 to 5
print i; ": -1 to 1, 4 to 5"
case 2 to 3
print i; ": 2 to 3"
case else
print i; ": else"
end select